Who We Are

AShermanTheresa S. Sherman earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania and has completed graduate work at Georgetown and Northeastern Universities. She earned an MBA in Marketing from Bentley College. She co-founded and served as President of The Sudbury Education Resource Fund (SERF), and served on the Board of Directors of the Lincoln Sudbury High School Scholarship Committee and the Lincoln-Sudbury-Wayland Domestic Violence Roundtable. She has been a marketing professional for over 12 years. Most recently she directed the marketing activities for Mitretek Health Care, Healthcare Management Consultants.

As a parent of two college students, she has experienced the challenge of the college application process firsthand and understands its effect on family dynamics.

Experienced with interviewing, resume creation and marketing program development, Theresa believes that a successful college application process focuses on POP — Presentation, Organization and Persistence.


CarolDr. Carol Budz is a Professor of English at Fitchburg State College, where she teaches courses in writing and literature. She earned her Ph.D. in English from Northwestern University and her MBA from Clark University. She writes on business and personal finance for online publications and print journals; she has even ghost written a successful book on long-term care insurance. Her book reviews appear regularly in the Boston Globe.

As a parent, Dr. Budz served on the Board of Directors of her local Education Foundation and worked with the high school’s English Department to adapt its curriculum. She helped her own daughter successfully navigate the application process on both the undergraduate and graduate level.

As an experienced college writing teacher, Dr. Budz knows how to use encouragement and positive feedback to guide students of any ability through the essay process. Her goal is to help the student develop their own best topic and assist them to present themselves confidently in writing.