How We Help

Very simply we take the pressure out of the process

As a student, you are probably both excited about the prospect of applying to college and a little apprehensive about what seems like a daunting task. In addition to keeping up with your senior year school work and extracurricular activities and sports, there are colleges to visit, SATs to prepare for and take, guidance counselors to consult, teachers, coaches and employers to ask for recommendations, essays to write, and on a daily basis there are your parents to deal with! Sometimes just the process of keeping it all organized is the biggest challenge.

As a parent, you want to give your soon to be adult the independence to manage this process but you know in reality that success depends on meeting critical deadlines, writing the right essay, and getting it all together. You have visited the campuses and made some selection decisions. Now is the time to organize and streamline the application process. We help you eliminate the nagging, nerves and nightmares. You recognize that this is a very tough time. It has been recommended that you move this stressful process out of the home. We help students break down the process into manageable tasks. Best of all, your student will carry the organizational skills he learns from us to college and beyond.